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4 Reasons to Consider Electric Dog Fence Installation

June 14, 2024

Got a furry friend who loves spending time outside? Dogs need their exercise, and they absolutely enjoy having a big front or backyard to explore and play in. But, like any pet parent, you probably worry about what might happen if your dog wanders off. That's where an electric dog fence comes in handy. Here are four great reasons to consider electric dog fence installation.

1. You're Concerned Your Dog Will Run Off

Even the most well-behaved dog can run off when they have too much freedom. You want them to enjoy roaming your yard, but what if they run off without your permission? Sadly, according to Bring Jackson Home, only 16% of lost pets come back to their owners. You can save yourself the anxiety of worrying about your pet running off by investing in electric dog fence installation for your property.

2. Your Dog Needs to Learn Obedience

Once electric dog fence installation is complete, your pup will receive collar training to respond to the fence signals, alerting them to stop. This helps your dog learn to stay within your property bounds. Plus, this training can help your pup learn more commands, boosting obedience and building trust between you and your furry friend.

3. You Want to Avoid Disputes

Concerned about your dog running over to your neighbor's house? This can be a source of tension in any neighborhood. Some neighbors might not like dogs or want animals on their property. They might also have a dog that doesn’t get along with yours. You can avoid these disputes with an electric fence.

4. You Want Easy-to-Maintain Boundaries

The great thing about an electric dog fence is that it's installed underground. You don't have to worry about maintaining a wooden fence or mowing around it. An electric fence stays invisible and requires no maintenance! This installation option couldn’t be simpler.

Our company has been providing electric dog fence installation services for over 20 years. We can even collar train your beloved pet. Contact our team at Dog Guard of Ohio today so your pup can start enjoying leash-free time outside!