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How to Keep Your Pet Safe With Electric Dog Fences

June 14, 2024

It’s fun to watch your pet roam around the yard. It’s decidedly less fun seeing them run out of the yard chasing something. It's worrying to know that your furry friend may dash off of your property and into the risks beyond your home. According to Bring Jackson Home, 15% of surveyed dog owners have lost a pet at least once. Turning to a provider of electric dog fences can prevent this from occurring. With this investment comes some safety tips to keep in mind, so keep reading to learn more about keeping your beloved pup's interactions with the fence protected and monitored.

Speak With an Expert Team

When you work with a professional team, it's important to ask questions about how electric dog fences work. Having a solid grasp of what this type of system does will help you create safe boundaries that your pet can understand. Positive reinforcement, giving verbal warnings when your dog is getting close to the visible boundaries (indicated by easy-to-spot flags), and consistent play outside will help you get your pup familiar with how the fence system works.

Make Frequent Adjustments to Your Fence

As your pup becomes more familiar with the invisible fence, you can adjust the level of correction (for battery receiver-transmitters) over time. When you invest in The Dog Guard System, for example, your pet can either receive an audible warning or mild correction. You can talk with the fence installer about their settings recommendations, as well as the instructions on how to adjust the invisible fence's settings to correct your dog's particular set of behaviors.

Consistently Check the Receiver-Transmitter

For battery receiver-transmitters, it's important to check on its settings when appropriate. Ask an expert crew about how to resolve any issues with the transmitter, as well as general safety practices to keep in mind. That will allow you to be confident that the receiver-transmitter is being used correctly. Check the manual and follow all the directions that are outlined in it.

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