Customer Testimonials

Mary E.

"The ladies of Dog Guard did a timely and thorough install of our dog fence in exactly the way we requested. Our two dogs adjusted quickly and I have much greater peace of mind than I did with our previous, store bought system. We also purchased the in house add on, and my dogs quickly learned to stay out of the living room. We highly recommend this product and company."

-- Mary E.
Sharon K.

"Absolutely great efficient service, from the initial call all the way through the process of training my dog! They explain everything in detail and encourage you to call if you have any questions. I had to get another collar size since my pup grew pretty fast and they drop it off the next day! Any text I sent was responded to immediately from Heather. I am so happy I called them!!! "

-- Sharon K.
Jara T.

"Great service!! "

-- Jara T.
Jill G.

"These ladies are the best. We have been a customer of Heather and Dog Guard for at least ten years and have always been very satisfied with their service. Five star treatment!! "

-- Jill G.
Jaclyn R.

"Love Dog Guard of Ohio! Heather is always available, and our puppy is always happy to see her! Thank you for securing our yard for our Golden Retriever, Heather! "

-- Jaclyn R.
Steven J.

"Our black lab pup can run freely and is much happier! Thanks so much Dog Guard! It’s so awesome to be able to not use a leash in our yard and give him freedom. We can actually get yard work and things done too 🐶😀🐶😀🐶😀🐶 "

-- Steven J.
Anna Lowry

"We had our fence installed a few months ago. Heather was very accommodating with scheduling times from the first consultation to the final day of working with our dog. She is quick to return phone calls and answer questions or troubleshoot any issues. And most importantly, everyone from Dog Guard was wonderful with my dog! "

-- Anna Lowry
Heather Graham

"I am so, so impressed with the quality of this company. Chelsea and another team member visited my home, found a break in our current line and repaired it. In an hour we were back up and running. Their professionalism was outstanding and pricing was very fair. Other companies that I called refused to help us fix our existing fence and wanted to charge us over $1,000 to install a new one. I would highly recommend Dog Guard to anyone in need of "out of sight" fencing for their pups. My only regret was that I didn't contact them sooner. Thank you for the great experience today! Best, Heather Graham "

-- Heather Graham
Sarah Ross

"What a blessing this has been. We are completely stress free now with our Husky! Heather and her team were absolutely amazing. Very easy and informative training by Dog Guard. Highly recommend to everyone with a dog. Thank you so much! I feel like we are now truly enjoying our family dog!"

-- Sarah Ross
Linda and Jim K. – Avon, OH

"All through the nasty weather, we had to trudge through snow sleet, rain, plus high winds -all of it. We used to don our coats, boots, scarves, gloves and had to cross our large 2 tiered deck, down the icy wet steps for Murphy to relieve himself- which was not always a quick decision on his part! UNTIL we made the wise decision to have Dog Guard underground fencing installed.Now we are able to open the door and let Murphy out without worrying and without exposing ourselves to the nasty elements here in Northeast Ohio(including the intense heat). We would highly recommend this fencing to anyone and everyone with a pet who is not only concerned about the safety of their animal, but who also value their own time and comfort.Our Murphy was trained easily and, despite his being a terrier, we are thrilled with how readily he adapted and can run and play or sit and watch the world go by and we are able to relax and enjoy our pet and our time. Thanks Dog Guard and a special thanks to Heather, our personal installation specialist for being available and always ready to answer our questions and help us when needed.Linda and Jim Keberle "

-- Linda and Jim K. – Avon, OH
Jankowskis – Medina, OH

"Heather,I just wanted to tell you that we LOVE our new Dog Guard fence. You really made a believer out of us. Gracie, our 2 ½ year old black Lab adjusted to the boundaries very quickly and the new puppy, Lambeau, has “grown up” with it. This summer has been wonderful having the dogs free to run and play in the yard. They can be outside for hours at a time and we are confident they are safe and having a splendid time. Even the mailman or a stray ball does not tempt them to go outside the fence.In the past, we have built an expensive fence at every house we have lived in. No more, we are sold on Dog Guard. No more fences for us. We only wish that we had done it sooner.Allowing the dogs to have all the freedom they need to run and just “be dogs” is great. They get a lot more exercise now and are more relaxed when they come into the house.Many Thanks….the Jankowskis, from Medina, OH "

-- Jankowskis – Medina, OH
Joanna M. – Hudson, OH

"They were awesome to work with! They were professional and great with the dog/fence training. I highly recommend them. "

-- Joanna M. – Hudson, OH
Heather P. – Brecksville, OH

"I agree with all the other 5*. She punctual and affordable. Extremely dependable service. "

-- Heather P. – Brecksville, OH
Steve W. – Lordstown, OH

"Definitely would recommend !!!! Money well spent. Heather is very professional and knowledgeable about the fence. She definitely loves her job and cares about the safety of our dogs. "

-- Steve W. – Lordstown, OH
Katie B. – Massillon, OH

"So far i am BEYOND impressed by Heather and Stacy!! they are awesome at what they do! Thank you so much for your help!UPDATE!!! About 2 weeks after installation and since DAY ONE CHARLIE HAS BEEN OFF HIS LEASH!! their training techniques are SPOT ON and they TRULY care for their fur clients 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving Charlie the ability to safely roam!! he is a happy husky and loves his new freedom THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! "

-- Katie B. – Massillon, OH
Karen A. – Mogadore, OH

"Heather is wonderful at what she does! Caring about her customers, human and the furry kind. She is great at the install and at helping you learn to train your dog. Her prices are much more reasonable than other national brands and the quality and service is superb. We have had our fence now for six years and it gives us peace of mind for our two little welsh corgis Toby and Reba. Give her a chance, you won't be sorry!! "

-- Karen A. – Mogadore, OH
Janet G.

"Efficient and courteous Excellent choice."

-- Janet G.
(on Angie's List)

"In ground dog fenceIt went as hoped. Great job."

-- (on Angie's List)
Marcy C. – Spencer, OH

"Great customer service! Affordable price for great product! "

-- Marcy C. – Spencer, OH
Renee N. (on Home Advisor) – Medina, OH

"She installed the fence and there were issues with the neighboring lot when they started to build. She came right out and we resolved the issue. "

-- Renee N. (on Home Advisor) – Medina, OH
Courtney C. in Wadsworth, OH (on Home Advisor)

"Everything from start to finish was great! Heather was very fast to respond and repair our troublesome electric fence. She is very knowledgeable and professional and is definitely a "dog person". Her work is top notch. I highly recommend her for your electric fence needs!"

-- Courtney C. in Wadsworth, OH (on Home Advisor)
Arnold N. in Olmsted Falls, OH (on Home Advisor)

"Terrific showed up on time and work was of highest qua;lity and price very fair.Would recomend them without hesitation."

-- Arnold N. in Olmsted Falls, OH (on Home Advisor)
Customer in Medina, OH (on Home Advisor)

"Good response time. Nolegible and friendly service. I would hire them again."

-- Customer in Medina, OH (on Home Advisor)
Joy M. in Akron, OH (on Home Advisor)

"Heather was very professional and did her job perfectly!!"

-- Joy M. in Akron, OH (on Home Advisor)
Customer in Uniontown, OH (on Home Advisor)

"We are at the beginning of training but so far we have gotten to where she hears the beeping she pulls herself back most of the time."

-- Customer in Uniontown, OH (on Home Advisor)
Dorie J. in Stow, OH (on Home Advisor)

"The dogs were trained to respond to the fence very quickly. So far it's been flawless."

-- Dorie J. in Stow, OH (on Home Advisor)
Jeff D. in Wooster, OH (on Home Advisor)

"Excellent job. Very happy with product and service. Couldn't ask for a better person. Did request sign for yard. Have not received. Thanks Jeff"

-- Jeff D. in Wooster, OH (on Home Advisor)
Customer in Warren, OH (on Home Advisor)

"Very customer friendly experience. Owner is very caring and extremely helpful."

-- Customer in Warren, OH (on Home Advisor)
Hilary C.

"I switched to Dog Guard of Ohio after one of my dogs kept crossing over the boundaries with another product. I now have peace of mind that my girls will stay in their boundaries. There is a lot of wildlife that surrounds my property and comes on to my property. Yesterday there was 5-6 wild turkeys that came on our property, the girls chased them but stopped at the boundary line. The staff is very confident in their product and have extended compassion and support for my personal needs. Thank you Heather, Chelsea and Sarah!!"

-- Hilary C.
Claudia C.

"We put dog guard in the first of July for a very active, head strong beagle mix. She was a rescue and almost a year old. What a change we have seen in her! She is getting the exercise she desperately needed and is now a much better inside dog. I let her out one morning around 5am, never thought about no collar, and a rabbit was in the yard! She chased it round and round, I thought “ Oh No, I’m going for a run around the neighborhood.” When she reached the area she was to stop, I kept telling her “BACK, BACK!” Thankfully, she stopped! I could not believe it! She of course spoke quite loudly which I’m sure the neighbors enjoyed. My husband was hesitant about this purchase, but now he agrees that I was right to get it installed. The ladies were very professional and helpful and my dog loved them. One of the best decisions I ever made. "

-- Claudia C.
Jill F.

"We installed this system several years ago. Heather and her staff are professional, prompt and go out of their way to solve any problems you would like to address. They were so kind and helpful to our little dog. They come out on service calls as needed. This fence is reasonably priced but reliable. I originally considered going with the big brand and I’m so glad we didn’t. I can’t imagine they provide this amount of value. I highly recommend this company. "

-- Jill F.
Ellen Y.

"Heather is caring about my dogs, their safety and always patiently addresses my concerns. I always feel valued as a customer "

-- Ellen Y.
Ed K.

"Fantastic people customer service highly recommend "

-- Ed K.
Michele M.

"We are so happy with the service and training! We recently adopted a puppy and when he was old enough they came out put flags on the boundaries and trained him and retrained us. They also checked our older dog’s collar to make sure it was working properly.Today when I went out to get the mail, he stopped when he got close to the flags, sat down and waited for me and then followed me around the yard.We are very pleased with their service and recommend them if you are looking for this type of fence. "

-- Michele M.
Kristy Shobe-Berube

"To say this company is AWESOME is an understatement. Heather, Chelsea, and Sarah are all professional, hard workers. We needed our fence relayed after having yard work done and they came out to lay it before we had our grass seed put in. It was last minute and they were understanding and did an AMAZING job as always. This is a great company! Thanks again ladies for your understanding and fantastic work!!! "

-- Kristy Shobe-Berube
Tara Santee Muller

"What an amazing company! Heather and her team are very professional but still give you that family feeling! Very attentive to even the smallest details! They took the time to sit with me and figure out what the best lay out for the boundaries would be. I love the fact I have Heathers cell and can text anytime with questions! They even remind you when to change the battery in the collar! Great company, great people and I highly recommend them! Thank you for everything! "

-- Tara Santee Muller
Julie Falter

"This fence has changed my life! We could never let our beagle outside without being on a leash. She LOVES it outside and I feel secure having her out there. Great training, great installation, great service! Well worth the investment! You made me a believer! "

-- Julie Falter
Richard Tripp

"Expert installation. Available for any needed additional training. Affordable service. They also are knowledgeable about breeds of dogs. Good experience. "

-- Richard Tripp
Mary – Canton, Ohio

"Hi!We love our Golden Doodle puppy and he loves people and pets. But he is like Clifford the big red dog – he’s still growing at 60lbs! Having a big, hairy dog come charging towards you to play can be quite intimidating. So when our Doodle “Dude” started crossing into neighbors’ yards, it was no longer “cute.” We had to keep him on a leash at all times if he had to go out.When DogGuard was introduced to him, we followed the training regimen to a “T.” (Great Training!) Now our “Dude” just rings the bells at the door when he has to go out and all we have to do is open the door and let him roam in our yard.We also live on a lake, and DogGuard trained us on how to help him cross the barrier when WE wanted him to cross. Now we all live happily together.Thanks DogGuard & Heather – you changed our lives!Mary, Paul, Adam, Julia, Molly, and Doodle “Dude” PusateriCanton, Ohio "

-- Mary – Canton, Ohio
Karyn P. – Seville, OH

"Dog Guard of Ohio and Heather are wonderful to work with. Reasonable rates and peace of mind in that we can call with questions or concerns anytime!! Great team and great product! "

-- Karyn P. – Seville, OH
Liz R. – Uniontown, OH

"Very impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of everyone I dealt with at Dog Guard! Heather was thorough in explaining options and answered every question, never pushy to do more than needed. Installation and training was fast and simple! Follow up calls to see how things were going was appreciated. Very fair pricing! "

-- Liz R. – Uniontown, OH
Damey H.

"Great prices & quality service. Heather was always available when we had questions or needed help. Highly recommended!!"

-- Damey H.
Chris E. – Litchfield, OH

"Heather installed our fence last year and it works great! Came out right away and had it installed in just a few hours on a 2-acre lot....Thanks Heather! "

-- Chris E. – Litchfield, OH
David D. – Homervile, OH

"Have a playful retriever and he has access to lake. He's always in the water. Heather installed our fence over three years ago. It is the best thing we have done with our dog. Works great! We are very happy. "

-- David D. – Homervile, OH
Kim B. – Norton, OH

"Putting this fence in our yard was money well spent! It has been the greatest for my dog. Our neighbor also has one and is elderly and says the same thing. He could have never chased after his dog if he ran off! Heathers training was awesome! She is the best! "

-- Kim B. – Norton, OH
Patrick C.

"I have worked for my Mother and she expects the same high quality of out her workers as she does from herself. No one works harder than my mom."

-- Patrick C.
Staci S. – Wadsworth, OH

"I have a beagle and he is contained!!! Thankful I no longer have to continue running after him on a weekly basis! "

-- Staci S. – Wadsworth, OH
(on Angie's List)

"They were extremely professional and great to work with. They explained what they were doing, how the fence worked and how the dog would react during training. They were wonderful during the dog training and explained how I should handle the ongoing training."

-- (on Angie's List)
Joanna R.

"Great service! Very efficient and good with dogs. Would use them again"

-- Joanna R.
Chelsea C.

"Very good business "

-- Chelsea C.
Louise H. in Hinckley, OH (on Home Advisor)

"This gal knows her business, is fast, accurate and educated me to what I needed to do with dog after she left. She even left me a card with a little schedule for battery changes in the collar. Would enjoy having her back anytime."

-- Louise H. in Hinckley, OH (on Home Advisor)
Customer in Streetsboro, OH (on Home Advisor)

"Came out on a Sunday and got the fence put in timely. Would recommend to anyone."

-- Customer in Streetsboro, OH (on Home Advisor)
Charles J. in Macedonia, OH (on Home Advisor)

"Unbelievably prompt, competent, courteous service. Easily found and repaired break and noticed and repaired frayed wires that would certainly have failed in the future. Pricing was ridiculously low for for the service provided. As a consumer, I hate to say this, but if they doubled their price it would be more that fair to compensate them for travel, equipment, knowledge, and time."

-- Charles J. in Macedonia, OH (on Home Advisor)
Sue O. in Medina, OH (on Home Advisor)

"Outstanding service. I am so pleased!"

-- Sue O. in Medina, OH (on Home Advisor)
Susan M. in Akron, OH (on Home Advisor)

"The service was prompt and professional. Training was great and all my questions were answered. The best investment I have made in a long time!"

-- Susan M. in Akron, OH (on Home Advisor)
Chip B. (on Home Advisor)

"I wish everyone was as conscientious, professional in their work. She was excellent in her work."

-- Chip B. (on Home Advisor)

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