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Debunking 3 Common Myths About Dog Fences

April 12, 2024

Installing a fence around your yard to contain your dog seems like a straightforward decision. However, when looking into getting a dog fence, you may come across some myths and misconceptions that make the process more confusing. Here are some of the most common myths and the truth surrounding this product to help you make the right choice for you and your pup.

Myth #1: Invisible Fences Aren't Effective

Invisible dog fences (also called underground or wireless fences) are popular among dog owners for good reason. Quality wireless fences are built to protect your furry friend with state-of-the-art technology that is low-maintenance and highly reliable. This modernized solution also works on any terrain, making this fencing solution effective for keeping your dog safe on your specific property.

Myth #2: Dogs Aren't Capable of Learning

Some might be under the impression that dogs aren't able to learn or understand the behaviors that an electric fence encourages. This simply isn't true! Dogs learn by repetition and positive reinforcement. If you take the time to work with your dog you will have great results. We will show you how to do this when we help train your dog to a Dog Guard fencing system.

Myth #3: Dog Fences Are Only for Large, Rambunctious Dogs

It’s easy to think that this fencing solution is only necessary for containing large, energetic dog breeds that love to dig and climb. However, fences serve several purposes beyond just keeping your dog confined. An electric fence can work to deter dogs from approaching others and barking excessively at external stimuli. Fencing off parts of your yard also protects areas like gardens and lawns from dog damage. Additionally, having an electrical dog fence means your pup has more freedom to move without worrying about them wandering off. According to Lost Pet Research & Recovery, within any 5-year period, an estimated 11% to 16% of dogs are likely to go missing one or more times.

Dog fences are extremely helpful tools for both you and your furry friend. However, myths and misinformation mean that many dog parents are confused about what solution is best. Now that you know the facts behind some common dog fence myths, you can make the most informed choice possible should you choose to install one in your backyard. Call Dog Guard of Ohio now to find an electric dog fence installer near you.

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